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Lotions, body wash, creams and oils to deliver a bounty of fresh botanicals.

We use the Highest Quality Products Available on the Market Today!

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A trip to the Day Spa is one of Life’s Necessary Luxuries
Imagine what our homespa products, health, massage, beauty & spa products can do for you on the days when you can’t make it to the day spa…We are committed to providing only the finest Spa Products in today's market.

La Maison - ClaytonShagal
One of the best cosmetic lines in the world, is proud to share with Pamper Me Day Spa its outstanding skin-care line of products. Revolutionary formulations of collagen into creams were first developed in Germany. The most efficient product, which addresses the four basic steps of health and supple skin: cleansing, exfoliating, in depth nourishment, and surface moisturizing is now available!

The Essence of Skin by...Clayton Shagal
Nourishment that Suspends Time
....99% Pure Extracted Collagen
Unique to Clayton Shagal (Used in Burn Units in Germany)

A Routine as Simple As...
1.  A one step cleanser & eye make-up
     remover to cleanse & prepare the skin
2.  A unique essence of skin in gel or extract.....
      to nourish deep within the skin tissues
3.  A surface cream loaded with Natural Moisturizing Factors
      to lock in the moisture.........

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Create Bliss in Your Life with Our Relaxation, Health & Beauty Products
Give yourself the ultimate treat with high quality products chosen by the staff at "Pamper Me Day Spa". Our health, beauty and relaxation experts test our spa products in an environment of pure bliss. Your stress is your body’s way of telling you it’s time to relax. Our homespa products, body products, massage spa products are the tools you need to release your tension in a productive and soothing way. We are committed to providing only the finest Spa Products in today's mark.


Firma Energy Wear

"FIRMA ENERGY WEAR helps me feel years younger and I am 10 Lbs lighter! I;ve lost inches all over. My teenage daughter (who never compliments me)  said I looked like I lost 15 Lbs as soon as I put it on. I feel Sexy, Confident and Energized!" Valerie, BC. To order your FIRMA WEAR contact us today at 604-536-4767 while quantities last!

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The EyEnvy® serum is now Canada's #1 salon exclusive lash conditioner! It is making its way across the globe and it is increasingly becoming everyone's must-have serum! The serum helps improve length, fullness, thickness to your own natural lashes, making you look like the star that you are. Call Us To Order Your EyEnvy® Products Today!



We are adding EyEnvy® to our Online Store - for convenience - to order your product please call us at: 604-536-4767
And we will confirm pricing with you over the Phone - As well we are offering FREE LOCAL DELIVERY / OR CURBSIDE P/UP


EyEnvy® Conditioner

Are you looking to enhance your appearance with long and thicker beautiful lashes? This doesn't have to be wishful thinking anymore; with advances in today's technology this is now possible


EyEnvy® Mascara

The mascara glides on, doesn't clump and is the perfect texture to build up those gorgeous lashes, starting with the first coat.

BrowEnvyTM Definition

BrowEnvy Definition is an addition to our EyEnvy® brand which offers a water-resistant, fine tip option in creating your personalized, stay put, eyebrow design.



Introducing the ultimate eyebrow pencil! Create the perfect eyebrow in just seconds with EyEnvy's new eyebrow pencil. Give yourself the effect of natural looking eyebrows that you've always desired.


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FIRMA Energywear is an amazing new apparel line that makes you look good and feel better. Featuring an advanced ‘smart fabric’ that uses the wearer’s body heat to provide benefits to the wearer. FIRMA Energywear harnesses the therapeutic power of far-infrared energy (FIR) to help make you feel better, look healthier, and live a more active lifestyle

FIRMA is made with a special fabric that has a perfectly balanced mix of biocrystal, bioceramic, and mineral incorporated into it in a permanent fashion.

This mix of crystal/ceramic/mineral is able to ‘capture’ & reflect the wearer’s body heat back to them as far-infrared energy, which can provide a multitude of benefits for the wearer. 

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